The information below provides a brief overview of the cover afforded under your warranty. Please note that general 'snagging' issues are not covered under the warranty. Full details of what is and isn't covered under a One Guarantee new home can be found in your policy documentation. If you would like more information about this, please contact a member of our team.

1. Construction Period

Cover is offered during the construction phase of the build in the event of insolvency/fraud of the developer, our policy will reimburse the deposit* you have already paid or arrange for the property to be finished should work have commenced.

Up to *10% of the purchase price subject to a limit of £100,000.

2. Defects Insurance Period (practical completion to year 2)

For the first two years of your warranty, it is down to the developer (the company selling the property), to fix any defects that occur. You will need to contact the developer should you encounter any problems with your home in this period.

If the developer refuses to address a defect or becomes insolvent, you will need to contact us, and we will look to rectify the defect on behalf of the developer. Redress is offered to under the Consumer Code for New Homes for any non-structural related issues.

3. Structural Insurance Period (years 3 to 12)

The structural insurance period represents the remainder of your warranty, from years three to twelve.

During this period, our policy will provide cover against a number of defects that may occur in your home. Generally, these cover:

  • Excavations, foundations and ground floor
  • Walls (internal and external)
  • Stairs, floors and screeds
  • External frames (windows, external doors and roof lights)
  • Ceilings and load-bearing parts of floors
  • Roof coverage
  • Flues and chimneys

General 'snagging' issues are not covered under the Warranty. Full details of what is and isn't covered under your warranty can be found in your One Guarantee Policy documentation.

What happens if I sell my home?

Your One Guarantee new home warranty is fully assignable. This means that should you chose to sell your home; the warranty is automatically transferred to the new purchaser. You should pass all documents over to the new owners.