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One Guarantee’s mixed-use warranties offer the right cover for developers looking to construct a variety of buildings for both residential and non-residential use. Our hybrid scheme caters for this increasingly popular sector of the market, where we offer cover from our from our New Home, Social Housing, Private Rental and Commercial warranties.

All our policies are designed to protect property owners against the risk of certain inherent defects that occur within the structure of a build. Cover is provided for a period of up to 12 years from practical completion for the complete or partial rebuild or rectification of a property to its original specification. Our policies will also cover any damage to the external car parking or roads of the building.

For future homeowners, commercial property owners and social landlords, our policies provide the peace of mind that cover is there should the worst happen. All our polices are freely assignable throughout the lifetime of the policy, in the event a property owner wishes to sell.

If you would like more information about One Guarantee’s Mixed Development Warranty, please call us on 01603 218288 or alternatively get a Mixed Development Warranty quote online.

Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance

One Guarantee can also cover the mechanical and electrical elements of a mixed development which are not often covered under a standard building warranty. These can include things such as lifts and escalators, electrical distribution systems and air conditioning units. Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance (MIDI) has been designed to address these areas of a build with a policy which complements our structural warranty insurance. One Guarantee’s MIDI policies are Underwritten by HSB Engineering Insurance. For more information on MIDI, please see our news article

Additional Benefits of Our Policy

  • 12-year policies as standard
  • Minimum A-rated cover
  • Developer Insolvency Cover (subject to approval)
  • Contaminated land cover
  • Cover to comply with Building Regulations
  • Alternative accommodation, professional fees, debris removal and additional costs
  • Additional protection under the Consumer Code for New Homes
  • Instalment facilities available (subject to approval)
  • Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance available


What’s The Difference Between A Horizontal And Vertical Mixed-Development?

Horizonal mixed-use developments refer to a wide array of buildings on the same development site that are completely separate from the rest. This may include schools, houses and shops. Vertical mixed-use developments are one single structure which accommodates multiple development types. An example may be a skyscraper with offices, apartments and hotels that are part of one large building.

What Are Your Financial Limits For Mixed Developments?
  • Single Unit New Development £3,000,000
  • Any Continuous Structure £25,000,000
  • Any one Development £50,000,000
  • Contaminated Land £1,000,000
  • Building Control £1,000,000
Do You Offer Any Other Type Of Insurance?

One Guarantee can provide you with a range of insurance products that work alongside our structural warranty policies. In addition to our Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance we offer a number of Legal Indemnity policies such as rights of light and absence of easement. We can also facilitate insurance for Buildings, Property Owners, Contractors All Risks, Business Interruption Cover and other commercial insurances. If you would like to know more about our other insurance offerings, please get in touch.

If you would like more information about One Guarantee’s Mixed Development Warranty, please call us on 01603 218288 or alternatively get a Mixed Development Warranty quote online.

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