Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment, commonly known as a Drone, may have been around for much of the 21st Century, but their increased presence in the construction sector has resulted in a number of changes. Here, One Guarantee take a look at three important ways in which the modern drone can benefit the construction industry.

Building Surveys

The use of drones has proved to be of particular importance when it comes to the inspection of sites for building surveys. Certain areas of a build may be difficult to reach physically, such as the roof, which needs to be assessed and checked for any faults or defects. The use of drones for inspecting areas such as these, also reduces the risks involved with working from a height.

There are of course certain tasks that a drone cannot do and so it should not be viewed as a replacement for a physical inspection. The inspection of cavities provides an obvious example as to why the physical inspection of developments remains of the utmost importance. Drones can, however, provide access to certain areas of a development that were previously inaccessible.

Construction Management and Site Communication

The use of drones on construction sites can improve communication and management for companies. The ability of a drone to provide real-time footage enables companies to maintain constant contact with the site, while improving surveillance and monitoring of the build. Furthermore, drones can assist with providing evidence in extreme cases such as collisions and damage to people and property. In instances such as these, drones may be called on for insurance purposes.

Transportation and Delivery

Finally, drones can be used to transport goods aerially which is particularly useful on large construction sites. The well-publicized ‘Prime Air’, which has seen online retailer Amazon adopt the use of drones for the delivery of their products, shows how drones can be used for more than just monitoring and surveillance. www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-Air/b?ie=UTF8&node=8037720011