Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance (MIDI) can be offered to cover damage to mechanical and electrical services resulting from an inherent defect that was not apparent at practical completion. MIDI is therefore an important consideration before the build process as it could potentially help avoid incurring hefty costs and unwanted trouble in the future should any issues arise. Read our quick guide below to find out more about Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance. Keep reading to find out why you need it and where to purchase it.

Why do I need Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance?

Most commercial or multi-story developments feature some form of mechanical and electrical elements, such as a lift, escalator or air conditioning unit. These will often represent expensive integral features of the overall build. There is the potential for faults to occur because of inherent defects, that could lead to significant disruption to the occupiers and consequently loss of rental income. This loss of rent would be in addition to the cost of repairing the original defect.

How can I get Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance?

One Guarantee can help you secure Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance offering cover for the damage caused by an inherent defect in the machinery. We also offer cover for loss of rental income suffered as a result. Both these elements of cover can be offered for up to 12 years after practical completion of the building. The policy is also fully transferable to future owners of the building. Additionally, a MIDI policy limits any reliance on collateral warranties and professional indemnity insurances which may not be adequate in the event the responsible third-party becomes insolvent.

Our Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance is underwritten by an A rated insurer and complements our Structural Warranty Insurance.

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