AA-Rated Insurers: All our warranties are backed by AA-rated Insurers (Standard & Poor's). This level of financial security is crucial for long-term insurance contracts of this nature.

Flexible Commission Rates: We don’t have set levels of commission. We are open to negotiate your remuneration depending on the size, type and complexity of the development in question.

Consumer Code: One Guarantee is a Registered Code User and supporter of the Consumer Code for New Homes. This ensures support and protection is provided to consumers purchasing new build homes throughout the UK.

Quick Quote: One Guarantee offers a unique Quick Quote facility aiming to provide you with an indicative price within 24 hours.

Lender Approval: One Guarantee is recognised by UK Mortgage Lenders and listed under the UK Finance/CML Handbook as an acceptable warranty.

Additional Services: One Guarantee can arrange additional services such as Acoustic and Air Pressure Testing, Energy Performance Assessments and Building Control.

Mechanical and Electrical Cover: Machinery Inherent Defects cover is also available, insuring against mechanical and electrical faults of machinery installed as part of the project.

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